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Workflow-optimized video storage solutions for media production

Get unmatched media storage performance and scalability for on-premises and cloud workflows. Optimized to accelerate media workflows, Avid NEXIS—featuring the all-new Avid NEXIS | VFS virtual file system and Avid NEXIS | FLEX subscription—enables production teams to collaborate and adapt fast to the changing needs and unpredictability of today’s media production. Integrated with the next-generation Avid NEXIS F-series storage engines, or as a cloud or hybrid deployment, Avid NEXIS enables teams of all sizes to work from anywhere, delivering secure access to media and metadata across all tiers of storage. See what's new




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“We keep all our high-res in Avid NEXIS and it’s reliable. We’re similar to a news station in that we create daily content; we don’t have time to be down.”

–Keith Haeberle, Director of Media Production, Miami HEAT

Product Highlights

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  • Bring intelligence to your media workflow
  • Access assets from anywhere
  • Get unmatched collaborative performance
  • Deploy and scale your storage your way
  • As the control center of Avid NEXIS, the Avid NEXIS | VFS intelligent file system virtualizes your hardware and/or cloud storage into a single pool of shared resources, providing automation intelligence to meet constantly changing workloads. From dynamically reallocating storage capacity and optimizing bandwidth to delivering protection with automatic drive rebuild, it provides the agile environment and reliability required for 24x7 operation.

  • Browse, find, and share media and projects whether you’re in the facility, on location, or at home, enabling easy collaboration and fast turnaround—no matter what video, audio, news, sports, or graphics production tool you use. With your organization’s entire content library and archive within easy reach, you can even capitalize on new opportunities for media rediscovery and reuse.

  • Enable hundreds of users to connect and access media simultaneously with Avid-patented technology that assures real-time media delivery to keep production running smoothly. Ingest, edit, and playout content to and from Avid NEXIS without dropping a single frame—even when working with high-res media in the most demanding broadcast and post-production environments.

  • Gain more flexibility and choice for your media storage with new Avid NEXIS | FLEX subscriptions. Get a lower cost of entry with on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and SaaS options available. Replace aging drives with powerful new Avid NEXIS F-series storage engines. Quickly scale your system to accommodate growing business, new projects, and remote teams. And transition production to the cloud more easily and cost-effectively.



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“[Avid NEXIS] makes it easier to get into the actual editing and creative work… [and] Avid NEXIS will allow for expansion into the cloud—that’s the direction that we need to go as an industry.”

–Kim Pratt, Vice President of Technology, Digital Graffiti