Distribute your music on top streaming services all over the world—from Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal to Instagram, TikTok, and more. AvidPlay makes it easy to reach your fans wherever they may be, and however they like to listen.

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Get paid 100% of what you’re owed—no hidden fees

Own your music outright and collect all the revenue it generates. Plus—unlike other distributors—you can add participant splits, set release dates, and distribute to new streaming outlets automatically, at no additional cost.

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Market your music and get on playlists

Build hype and get on top playlists with Pre-Save campaigns and Smart Links that let fans save your songs to their favorite streaming services ahead of release day.

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Why release your music with AvidPlay?

AvidPlay gives you every essential tool you need to turn your music into streams and sales. Plus, with high-quality uploads and Dolby Atmos Music support, you can bring a whole new immersive experience to your fans.

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Generate streaming and earning reports

Discover where your fans are to fine-tune your marketing strategy, and track your streams and earnings with beautiful reports that show you your top-performing outlets, countries, and songs.  


Distribute stereo and Dolby Atmos® Music

Immerse your fans in your music with Dolby Atmos—available with select streaming services, including Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, and TIDAL HiFi.

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Ensure your fans hear the highest quality

AvidPlay supports 24-bit/192 kHz audio, as well as nearly every audio file format—WAV, FLAC, MP3, and more.


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Reach your fans, however they listen

Make your music widely accessible with Smart Links that let listeners select their streaming service of choice.


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Stay connected wherever you go

Get the Avid Link app to manage your music and track your stats with anytime, anywhere access to AvidPlay.


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Create your own indie record label

Launch your own record label with the ability to manage, distribute, and track multiple artists and releases.


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Why artists choose AvidPlay

Nikhil D’souza

songwriter, producer, performer

“Thanks to AvidPlay, Dolby Atmos Music is no longer confined to expensive studios.”

Leah Chisholm

producer, DJ

“With AvidPlay and Dolby Atmos, music is as it should be—an immersive listening experience!”

Ivan Pablo Markovic

mixing engineer

“AvidPlay is easy to use from the very first moment.”

Max Cooper

songwriter, producer

“Music becomes a completely new three-dimensional living entity, brought to life by Dolby Atmos and AvidPlay.”

Mark Gustafson

producer, engineer

“I send everyone to AvidPlay—it pays the artist (and those they work with) directly, without taking a cut.”

Mert Orzcan

founder, The Record House

“AvidPlay makes it super easy to distribute Dolby Atmos music. There’s nothing stopping independent artists from pushing their creativity to the limit and sharing it with the world.”

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