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AVID CERTIFICATIONS & Digital credentials

Real skills, proven

Avid Certification helps professionals attain and demonstrate the skills and credentials they need to increase their value, competency, and efficiency in the highly competitive music, video and media industries.

Recognized by top music, post-production, movie, television, and broadcast facilities worldwide, Avid Certifications serve to validate a person’s expertise in one of the following four key certification types:

Avid Certifications are backed by a range of training and skill development options that help individuals prepare for the applicable certification exams. From Virtual Instructor Led and Blended Learning across publicly scheduled and private classes to eLearning, these flexible learning options enable individuals and teams to cost effectively broaden and validate their competencies however, wherever, and whenever is best for them.

To complement our long-standing certification program, Avid is excited to introduce our new Badging & Digital Credentials program. Details are in the following:

Digital Badging FAQ

Certification Benefits

Avid certification provides real tangible benefits to individuals and organizations.

For individuals:

  • Industry recognition of proven expertise in a given Avid product or role.
  • Career advancement with measurable value to employers.
  • Differentiate yourself with certification-specific badges and digital credentials that can be easily managed and shared in LinkedIn and other social media, added to your personal marketing materials, and includes a printable certificate of achievement.
  • Entry in Avid’s online certification directory on our digital badging platform, accessible via Find a Certified Professional.
  • Avid technical community access for peer-to-peer communications (for our highest technical certifications only).

For employers:

  • Ability to find the right person for the job, quickly assessing candidate skill level.
  • Confidence in your team's abilities and skills with Avid solutions.
  • Capability to invest in and promote your most promising employees.
  • Greater system performance, with little to no downtime.

For academic institutions:

  • Enable your students with industry-recognized credentials for faster job placement.
  • Deepen the operational expertise of your instructional team with ongoing professional development.
  • Leverage Avid’s expertly designed curriculum and media resources to train students with the operational skills in demand by industry, while also reducing the time your teaching staff commits to lesson planning.


Expand your career opportunities with proven audio, video and media expertise

Avid’s official training across our suite of audio, video and media products consists of a comprehensive curriculum that helps you become proficient in operating our tools in a fast-paced professional environment and opens the door to unmatched creative and career opportunities.  Work towards certification as an Avid Certified Specialist, Professional or Expert by taking individual and progressive courses to build a particular skill or brush up on your overall expertise. 

Whatever path you choose, you’ll gain industry-recognized skills, connect with peers who share similar interests and abilities, join a community of audio and media editors and personnel, and expand your personal and professional network. Take the first step toward becoming an Avid Certified professional by attending a class at an Avid Learning Partner. For more information, choose a certification from the list below.

For more information on completing Avid certifications, please see:

User Certifications FAQ >

06 Cert Specialist_853x532

Avid Certified | Specialist1

Entry-level certifications validating core-competencies for job readiness.

Audio & Music:
Video & Media:
07 Cert Professional_853x532

Avid Certified | Professional

Professional certifications validating workflow-specific skills to meet production demands.

Video & Media:
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Avid Certified | Expert

Expert certifications validating profound product expertise, creativity and operational efficiency.



Reaching the highest levels in Avid technical proficiency.

Avid provides three levels of Technical Certifications and digital badges. Technical certification is achieved by passing the relevant certification exams. Avid’s blended training options (eLearning and Virtual Class), both directly through Avid or our Avid Learning Partners, provide the optimal way to develop the skills and capabilities to not only to become certified, but to deliver real value and business benefit to your work environment.

Details for each of the individual technical certification descriptions and requirements are below. For more information on how to achieve and maintain your Avid certification, please see:

Technical Certifications FAQ >

09 Cert Admin_853x532

Avid Certified | System Administrator

Invest your time in this training and certification to demonstrate your administrative skills and maximize the system performance of Avid’s best-in-class media storage and asset management.

Video & Media:
10 Cert ACSR_853x532

Avid Certified | Support Representative

To maximize the return on your investment in Avid products and solutions, it’s critical to have the skills and capabilities to install, manage, troubleshoot, and support your technical environment. This certification program validates technical proficiency with Avid products and solutions to the highest level.

Furthermore, ACSR certification provides access to a wealth of premium-level content and the benefit of participating and interacting with global peers in the ACSR community. This certification can also provide commercial and support benefits to your organization and its relationship with Avid. We encourage both customers and partners to maintain their ACSR certification status to keep your benefits and demonstrate that your skills and capabilities are current. For details on recertification click here.

Audio & Music:
Video & Media:
11 Cert ACSR Elite_853x532

Avid Certified | Support Representative, Elite

Demonstrate the depth of your technical skills with multiple ACSR certifications within our Video & Media category.

For details on this certification click here.


Teaching excellence and classroom readiness

For academic teaching staff and instructors in professional training institutions, we offer the Avid Certified Instructor (ACI) program.

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Avid Certified | Instructor

This certification program is designed to ensure operational expertise and classroom readiness of teachers who deliver Avid’s official certification courses.

Avid Certified Instructor (ACI) certification classes develop a candidate’s expertise in teaching Avid product features and professional workflow techniques, plus curricular integration of certification courses. ACI certifications exist for each level of User Certification they intend to grant their students. This certification is a requirement for all instructors within the Avid Learning | Partner (ALP) program.

Instructor certification badges and digital credentials are available for every Avid product and certification variant defined in the User and Technical Certiifications above, and at four different levels (I, II, III, IV) based on depth of the product expertise and training.


Design solutions for the industry's most revolutionary media platform

Want to create products that work within the Avid Audio or Video portfolio of products? Avid’s developer certification training materials are designed to teach you everything you need to create solutions using the Avid Toolkit. Learn at your own pace—whenever and wherever you want—and get the certification you need to design for the media industry’s leading technology platform.

13 Cert Developer_853x532

Avid Certified | Developer

This certification program is designed for those who are interested in creating plugins and connectors that work within the Avid Pro Tools, VENUE or MediaCentral ecosystems.

If you are interested, you will need to register and complete a short quiz. Upon successful completion, we will send you information that pertains to the products and solutions you’re interested in developing, such as AAX audio plugins for Pro Tools and Avid VENUE, or bus-level APIs for the MediaCentral ecosystem. If you are a company looking to develop for the Avid Alliance Partner Marketplace, at least one staff member must be certified.

For more information on our developer programs, please see the following:

AAX Audio Plugins and Connectivity Toolkit
MediaCentral Developer Ecosystem

1. Previous “Avid Certified User” certifications have been renamed to “Avid Certified | Specialist”.
2. Previous “Avid Certified Operator” certifications have been renamed to “Avid Certified | Professional”.

For those Avid users, customers and partners that have achieved past certifications, badges were made available for certifications achieved after 1/1/21. For Avid Certified | Support Representatives (ACSRs) and Avid Certified | Instructors, badges and digital credentials were made available to all active certifications as of March, 2023.