Whether you’re new to the software or looking to master more advanced workflows, these Avid Media Composer tutorials, tips, and other resources will help you get up and running quickly and make the most of your experience.

Avid Media Composer Tutorials—First Steps

Install Media Composer

Learn how to quickly access your Media Composer product download and then install and activate the software.
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Start a Project

Explore the two ways you can create a Media Composer project and take a tour of the main interface.
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Download Free Practice Footage

Grab your complimentary Media Composer Practice Materials and see how you can use them. You can access the footage here >
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Media Composer Fast Start

Part 1: Set up Your Project

Get started with the initial setup and ingesting media (access the practice footage used in this series here).
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Part 2: Build a Rough Cut

Quickly cut together your story using your own media or the practice Scramble King documentary footage.
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Part 3: Refine Your Story

Unlock your story’s true potential and grab the audience’s attention by rearranging, trimming, and polishing your edits.
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Part 4: Enhance and Mix Audio

Discover the tools and techniques you can use to design a well-balanced audio mix of dialogue, sounds, and music.
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Part 5: Add Visual Effects

Level up your story’s look and feel by adding strategically placed elements like filters and speed adjustments.
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Part 6: Finish and Output Your Story

Find out how to prepare your story for final output and optimize it for playback on multiple digital platforms.
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Media Composer Quick Tips

Create Custom Projects

Learn how to create Media Composer projects with custom settings, and manage custom project presets.
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Customize Media Composer

Learn how to create your own profile and customize your Media Composer setup.
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Input Media

Explore different methods of inputting your media into Media Composer.
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Build a Rough Cut

Learn the tools within Media Composer that you can use to build a rough cut of your sequence.
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Fine-Tune the Edit

Explore some of Media Composer's powerful features that you can use to fine-tune your edit.
See all Finetuning the Edit videos >

Work with Effects

Discover Media Composer's various tools and features that will allow you to create stunning effects.
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Explore More

What’s New in Media Composer 2022.12

Learn about exciting new features and enhancements, including interoperability with Avid Pro Tools.
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Avid Learning Central for Education

Learn about our subscription-based eLearning platform to improve learning with rich, interactive content.
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Post Café

Sit down with members of the global post-production community and learn all about what they do and how they do it.
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