Optimize Your Music and Audio Workflow

Whether you’re new to Pro Tools or looking to learn a more advanced audio production workflow, these tutorials, tips, and other resources will help you get up and running quickly and make the most of your experience.

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Pro Tools Fast Start

Lay Down a Drum Track

See how to start creating a song—from setting the tempo and adding a track to making a looping beat with MIDI.
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Add Keys and Bass

Build up your song’s foundation by recording MIDI performances to create piano, kalimba, and bass parts.
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Record a Guitar

Get a step-by-step walkthrough on how to record audio, starting first with a guitar using amp simulation.
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Arrange Your Song

Give your song more appeal by moving things around, looping clips, and building up parts to create ebb and flow.
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Track Vocals

Discover how to record vocals through effects in the highest quality, no matter what mic or interface you use.
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Create the Perfect Mix

Learn the building blocks for optimizing sounds—from adjusting levels and pans to using plugins and automation.
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First Steps

Demo Session Tour

Learn the basics with a tour of the demo session included with Pro Tools.
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Installing Pro Tools

See how to install and activate Pro Tools and all the plugins that come with it.
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Need help? Find handy solutions for when things aren’t going as planned.
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Get the Pro Tools Quick Reference Guide—the perfect companion to help you quickly find the answers you need

Tutorials and Quick Tips

Pro Tools Basics and Setup

Get a tour of different windows and workspaces and how to set things up.
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Editing and Arranging

See how to use ARA and various tools for editing audio and arranging sections.
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MIDI Workflows

Learn about all the MIDI tools and features and get an overview of how to use them.
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Get Familiar with the Audio Workflow

Find out how to use the tools and features you’ll use to record and manipulate audio.
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Intro to the Audio Post Production Workflow

Get an overview of the tools and features designed for audio post production.
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Mixing and Automation

Learn about all the tools and features that will help you create incredible mixes.
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Coffee & Consoles

Got an Avid S4 or S6? Get the most out of your surface with this video series of tips, tricks, and best practices.
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Producing with Pro Tools

Get insight and invaluable tips from audio pros for creating music, scores, and more in this video series.
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Mixing Dolby Atmos Music

Find out what you need and how to get started mixing in this immersive audio format with tutorials, tips, and more.
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