Media Composer | Distributed Processing

Distributed Process

Stay in your creative video editing flow by offloading processor-intensive media tasks to any unused computers. With the Media Composer | Distributed Processing option, you can turn any group of machines into a powerful, networked render, transcode, and export farm, enabling you to keep working. Whether creating mezzanine media from camera originals, exporting a video and audio mixdown, or rendering complex effect layers, Distributed Processing speeds up tasks for faster project turnaround.


  • Keep working—not waiting

    Instead of waiting for jobs to complete, Distributed Processing keeps you in your creative zone, so you can continue working in Media Composer and have more time to spend crafting your story. Offload media transcoding, rendering, and now exporting jobs (learn more) with support for a variety of camera, video, and audio file formats and codecs.

  • Turn around content faster
    With parallel processing, jobs get completed faster to meet the tightest deadlines. You can even assign media in Avid NEXIS shared bins and projects and send jobs directly to your network.
  • Get easy system monitoring

    Track, modify, monitor, prioritize, and filter jobs remotely through the web-based dashboard and new coordinator tools that give you insight and access to your distributed computer network. And with the new Tray app, you can easily configure, access, and update tasks on the fly without searching.

  • Maximize your resources
    Put all of your idle, unused, or older computers, servers, and workstations to work by networking them together as a powerful media render and transcode farm, increasing your ROI.

System requirements