MediaCentral | Collaborate

MediaCentral - Collaborate

Empowering teamwork with a collaborative story-centric workflow

Connect teams in the studio, in the field, and at home together using any device. From story planning, gathering resources, and delegating assignments, to tracking tasks, topics, and ideas, MediaCentral | Collaborate, available as an iOS, iPadOS, and web browser app for MediaCentral, enables team members to work together seamlessly from anywhere.


Plan and work on stories remotely

Plan and Work Remotely All stories start with a topic. With the Collaborate app, you can create and manage topics and then add info, link ideas, assign people and equipment to cover different aspects of the story, and add tasks. Team members can then view topics, assignments, and the people they’ll be working with, gather the resources they need, and execute on their tasks—all in one easy-to-use interface, now with a new interactive calendar view.

Connect people and share resources

Collaborate Collaborate makes it easy to see all the people and resources available to help complete tasks. Get contact info for team members, freelancers, and guests. View gear and vehicles available. And link media, research, stories, and graphics to help others with assignments. NEW! Superusers can now create contacts and resources from any screen. You can even add and edit resources and contacts from the mobile app. 

Track all aspects of story production

Track production From research, story writing, and prepping media, to conducting interviews, capturing footage, and delivering the final story for playback and publishing, all assignments and progress can be monitored and updated in the dashboard. View all scheduled work in progress in the calendar for better planning. This makes it easy for team members to communicate additional info, update assignment status, and stay informed and on track. No matter where they are.

Work efficiently with consistency

Collabroate app on mobile Whether using Collaborate on your mobile device or on your computer, its unified web interface provides workflow consistency. Task notifications now have deep links, enabling you to click on them to go directly to the task within the assignment. That means you and your team members will always have the same capabilities in the studio and when working remotely for the most efficient story-centric workflow.
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