Today, anyone can create music at home, on their laptops, or on smartphones. But while low-cost recording tools have opened the gates to music creation and recording, it’s made it that much harder for professional and aspiring musicians, artists, engineers, mixers, songwriters, and producers to stand out from the crowd and be heard.

You need the best tools available to make your music come to life. That’s why nearly every top artist and audio professional uses Pro Tools and Avid control surfaces to create the world's most loved songs and albums.



Music Andrew Scheps 600x300

To Grammy-winning mixer Andrew Scheps, the Hybrid Engine for HDX is a “game-changer” for music—find out why


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Get over $2,000 worth of extra plugins, sounds, and more for free with an annual Pro Tools subscription or support plan—see how


Music Producing with Pro Tools 600x300

Hear from professional music creators and producers about how they work their magic—watch Producing with Pro Tools

Meeting the challenge

Whether you’re in a professional setting, creating a home studio, or recording in your spare time, Avid has the creative solutions for your needs and budget.

  • Stand out from the pack with tools that enable you to create professional-sounding music
  • Record, monitor, and mix music in the highest quality with a variety of audio interfaces and systems
  • Save money and create music on your own with groundbreaking virtual instruments, effects, and loops
  • Collaborate with other artists, songwriters, and producers online with Avid Cloud Collaboration
  • Speed past technical limitations and create up to 2,048 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 1,024 MIDI tracks
  • Save time and mix complex productions faster with powerful control surfaces that give you precision hands-on control
  • Streamline the recording process and free up your creativity with track comping, elastic audio, and mix automation workflows
  • Integrate all of your needs in one place by composing and editing directly in Pro Tools, using full MIDI and notation tools, or Sibelius
  • Stick to your budget and create studio-quality music quickly and easily, starting at just $9.99 USD/month
  • Find, connect, and collaborate with other artists, musicians, mixers, and producers using the free Avid Link app and Avid Cloud Collaboration
  • Get your music played on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services around the world with AvidPlay in Avid Link
  • Get started with learning how to make music with Pro Tools Intro—a FREE version of Pro Tools

Integrated hardware & software

Audio Hardware

Professional DSP-accelerated hardware systems and audio interfaces

Audio Software

Music production software for aspiring artists and professionals

Avid Link

Social solutions for connecting and collaborating with the creative community

Control Surfaces

Recording, editing, and mixing solutions for hands-on control of audio and video software and systems

Music Notation

Music composition, performance, and publishing solutions

Andrew Scheps_7837-1862x1040

Mixer Andrew Scheps Explains Why the Hybrid Engine for HDX Is a Game-Changer for Music

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The Art of Music Mastering: Mastering Engineer Jett Galindo Shares Her Story and Creative Approach

Pro Tools has become second nature to me—it’s a direct extension of my ears, brain, and hands… It’s saved my butt countless times throughout my career!


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From Michael Jackson to Meshuggah, Aussie Drummer Troy Wright Brings Sibelius to the Masses

By transcribing I can actually see what I’m playing and then, when I’m reading the transcript, I’m playing it 100% correct from the beginning so muscle-memory is kicking in right from the start.


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