Pro Tools | MachineControl


Easily integrate and control external audio and video devices with Pro Tools. Using industry-standard serial 9-pin machine control protocols, MachineControl software enables you to fast forward, rewind, jog, and shuttle media playback, plus perform other common tasks, directly from your Pro Tools interface. You can also have your Pro Tools system emulate a remote deck, controlling it with a compatible Sony 9-pin devices. Get track arming for integrated laybacks to external transports. And experience reliable sync and control, as MachineControl supports serial time code as a positional reference, and features faster lockup times to Sony 9-pin.


  • Simultaneous scrub
  • Transport window
  • Status feedback
  • Versatile support
  • Control Pro Tools
  • Scrub audio and video at the same time from within Pro Tools using Scrub to Picture.
  • Get enhanced visual feedback and control using a variety of transport modes.
  • See the machine's position at all times through an onscreen cursor and transport counter.
  • Work with Sony 9-pin, VideoMedia V-LAN, and non-linear video recorders/players.
  • Trigger Pro Tools recording, playback, and track-arming from an external remote device.


Pro Tools | HD system running Pro Tools | HD 6 or higher software