From big-budget movies, scripted television, and reality TV to independent films, documentaries, and corporate video, more post-production professionals rely on Avid audio and video solutions than any other tools to achieve their creative vision. With the Avid post-production pipeline, you can control and secure your production, enable remote collaboration between users, create more high-quality content, and optimize your content lifecycle with integrated solutions that accelerate your entire workflow—from capture to delivery.


Avid World Vision Tour

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Discover Avid’s latest storytelling, collaborative, and creative solutions that enable you to create better content faster and more easily at a city near you

Why Editors Love ScriptSync

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Hear from top TV and film editors about why they love Media Composer script-based video editing for their projects

What's new with Avid NEXIS

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See what's new with Avid NEXIS shared storage, including the new virtual file system and F-series storage engine family

Meeting The Challenge

Avid solutions can be tailored to handle everything from independent documentaries and web series to big-budget Hollywood films.

  • Easily meet the technical demands of working with all high-res formats and colorspaces from start to finish
  • Overcome disconnected workflows by collaborating with editors locally and remotely
  • Manage large amounts of media effortlessly with easily searchable, intelligent storage
  • Save time by accessing and reviewing file-based media without having to copy or transcode footage first
  • Maximize efficiency by incorporating Avid and third-party creative tools for visual effects and color grading into one integrated platform
  • Showcase your editing skills and connect with other creatives to expand your opportunities with the free Avid Link app
  • Speed up project prep time and enable easier production pipeline workflows with non-editors
  • Easily manage multiple licenses and users, and simplify budgeting and billing with Media Composer for teams

How it works


Speed up high-quality content creation while enabling team collaboration from anywhere with award-winning content production tools.


Avid Link

Social solutions for connecting and collaborating with the creative community

Media & Workflow Management

Extend the power of the proven, collaborative production tools the media and entertainment industry relies on daily


Industry-proven shared and nearline storage systems for audio and video workflows

Video Editing

Professional video editing software and hardware


Whitepaper: Reimagining the Possibilities of Proxy Workflows for Media Production

Get a deep technical dive into what makes the Avid NEXIS | EDGE proxy workflow special

Avid for Teams

Get the agility you need to ramp up and down resources as needed

Featured Video

Get started fast with Media Composer for Adobe Editors

Video Post Production Blogs

See the latest case studies and tutorials on our blogs

Media Composer Datasheet

Learn about the tools every video editor needs to create compelling stories faster

Avid Pro Video Community

Connect with the community of Avid users and access learning resources

Avid NEXIS | EDGE Datasheet

Discover remote video editing and collaboration made easy

Avid NEXIS Datasheet

Explore workflow-optimized tiered storage for real-time media production

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How to Handle a Massive Post-Production Project? Easy: Cloud Video Editing

The best thing about Avid | Edit On Demand is easy access and collaboration. It kept us on schedule. We wouldn't have been able to deliver the project without Avid | Edit On Demand.


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Making the Switch: Editing 9-1-1 with Avid Media Composer’s New Interface

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Accessing Media Composer licenses from anywhere

Rent vs. Own: How Rental House QSR Systems Pivoted and Profited

We’re able to now instantly create a Media Composer for a user off-prem, where before they may have had to wait a day or two days to get a license delivered to them.


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